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Last Tuesday, the Upper East Side School board made some rather retro changes to how it operates. In doing so they followed in the footsteps of several other districts throughout the state who are revamping their budgets and policies for the upcoming 2010-11 school year. In a nutshell, many districts are looking for efficiencies in order to close the books. This means cutting costs everywhere from extra-curricular spending to extra-curricular administration.

At first glance, it doesn’t appear that this is a problem for the Upper East Side school district they even order Locksmith In Upper East Side. The current system is already a lot more efficient than some of the alternative financing models being considered by school boards across Ohio and across the country. For example, it appears that business loans will no longer be available to the Upper East Side business bank account. This may have been a lesson learned in Upper East Side during the past few years.


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During a recent town meeting in Upper East Side, speakers indicated that the change in the building loan structure was prompted in part by the fact that business loans had been difficult to obtain in previous years. In an effort to improve upon this issue, the board passed a resolution asking the county’s six municipalities to come up with an alternative revenue source. In doing so, each town is required to submit its own plan for Upper East Side finances. The result is that each town will receive an allotment based on past revenue collections. In short, the board was asking every town resident to chip in a little more money towards their local school budget in an effort to reduce the county’s dependence upon state aid.

Business Taxes

Many of the towns that sent representatives to the board meeting last Tuesday were surprised at the request. At the end of the day, it was abundantly clear that Upper East Side residents were aware that money for schools is only one way that they are getting cash to invest in the community. Nearly half of the money collected from business taxes goes unclaimed each year. Only a small fraction goes to actual education. That’s because most people believe that a business loan or a tax credit automatically grants permission for a business to commence operations. Neither of those is true.

According to the new resolution, all monies received from a business loan or a tax credit will go towards funding the district’s core curriculum, which is a part of the annual budget process known as the operating budget. The board was careful to point out that this does not mean that all monies received from such funds will go towards the high school tuition cap. It is only a portion of the total amount needed to fund the entire school year. In fact, the board made it clear that any money left over would go towards teacher compensation. In the past, teachers were compensated solely based upon their job performance.



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NYC Brooklyn Bridge

Teachers are upset with the lack of investment in educational opportunities for their students. They point out that many business owners have realized that they need to invest some of the profits from their businesses into their schools to ensure that kids can attend school. Some business owners are even taking this lesson learned from the board’s revenue increase and investing the money into high-quality textbooks, teacher supplies, gym equipment, computer software, and other school needs Locksmith Service In Upper East Side. This is a smart business decision and one that have the potential to save money for Upper East Side residents well into the future. Every dollar spent in excess goes directly back into the schools.


In the long term, this means that there is money available for other important business priorities. In addition, business owners stand to save money by avoiding having to pay exorbitant fees for inground swimming pools and for ground pools that will never get used. A smart business owner looks for deals where he gets a good return on investment while also increasing his bottom line. Those who care about the community realize that investing in the Upper East Side local real estate market has the upside of providing great customer service and terrific benefits for business owners as well as the residents.


A number of the Upper East Side area homeowners will look for residential mortgages to purchase the homes, which will result in extra money each month that they do not have to spend. The investment made in the inground swimming pools will pay for itself quickly. Eventually, this will provide a homeowners’ equity that can be used to finance a second or even a third home.